Wildlife Committee

In 2007 the CPHA Wildlife Committee reorganized to educate the new and existing residents about the wildlife in the Village and to address issues concerning increased wildlife encounters.

Learn More: Living in Harmony with Village Wildlife
(Including: Protecting your pets, Birds, Mammals, Snakes, Rodents, Injured Wildlife Rehabilitators, and Wildlife Resources)

Vaccinations (immunizations) are recommended for all dogs and cats in the Village, whether they spend time out of doors or not.  To learn more click this link:
Vaccinating Your Cat or Dog

The Wildlife Committee’s goals and mission are to provide researched information to the residents, in a timely, understandable manner, on co-existence with and appreciation for the diverse wildlife living in the Village. To accomplish this, the committee writes topical articles for the CPHA's bi-monthly newsletter, The Village Reporter, informing residents of wildlife issues or providing general information pertaining to local wildlife.  The committee presents wildlife programs, educational workshops and wildlife handouts during special events and homeowners functions throughout the year.

The Wildlife Hotline (303-952-0932) provides answers to residents’ wildlife questions such as pet and wildlife encounters, rumors, species identification etc.

The CPHA Village Wildlife Committee meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the CPHA conference room.  The Committee welcomes residents to attend.

Wildlife Committee Members:

Lilli Almon
Dave Butz
Pauline Carabelli
Linda Dempster
Doug Drbal
Lisa Marquardt
Arlene Raskin
Ron West
Sue Kiernan

Lili Almon, Gina Gerken, Linda Dempster, Pauline Carabelli, Lisa Marquardt

Lili Almon, Gina Gerken, Linda Dempster, Pauline Carabelli, and Lisa Marquardt








Wildlife Committee Documents:
Wildlife Committee Annual Report